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Felicity Hughes is a Lactation Consultant IBCLC in Private Practice in Willoughby, NSW. 

Felicity has always enjoyed working with people and started her career as a Primary Teacher working in both Australia and the UK. 

Following the birth of her 1st child, Felicity yearned

to work more closely with women and their families. Seeing first hand the difference good support made to the emotional wellbeing of, not only the woman but the family as a whole.

Felicity began her journey to becoming a Registered Midwife following the birth of her 2nd child, completing her journey following the birth of her 4th. The challenges she experienced with each child further inspired her to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC.

Her experience, both professional and personal enable her to effectively support woman and their families. Felicity has a wealth of expertise and real life experience.



Home Visits

 Felicity knows the unique needs of new and not so new babies and believes that the best place to support new and growing families is in their own home. Felicity is based in Willoughby and supports families in the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Initial Consultation 1.5-2hrs -$275, 2+hrs - charged at hourly rate - includes phone, text, email support for 7 days .

If you are outside the service area an additional travel fee of $25 may apply.

Follow Up Consultation 1-1.5hrs -

$120-180. 2+hours-charged at hourly rate.  

Package of hours available for when multiple  visits are required.

Rebates available for major health funds depending on fund and level of cover.


Lactation Consultant

Felicity Hughes is a Lactation Consultant IBCLC in Private Practice. Lactation services include;

  • Positioning & Attachment issues,

  • Sore/damaged nipples,

  • Assessment  of oral function/dysfunction/ Tongue tie -Suck Assessment, Referral, baby friendly Pre and Post care and support,

  • Delayed lactation/low supply, over supply 

  • Blocked ducts/mastitis /thrush 

  • Raynauds syndrome / Vasospasm of the nipple

  • Breast refusal 

  • Previous breast surgery,

  • Weaning and re-lactation advice

Felicity is a member of the professional body Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand (LCANZ). 

Education & Support 

As a Lactation Consultant and a Mother of 4, Felicity specialises in supporting new mums whether it's your first baby or your fifth. All new Mums need a helping hand as they transition into their new role. From getting a head start on breastfeeding, finding out what's normal newborn behaviour, to settling techniques,  starting solids and returning to work.  Felicity is there to support you as you find your feet with a variety of education and support packages to suit all your needs.



“I was in a terrible place, in so much pain each and every feed. I really felt like it was never going to get better. Now I am enjoying my baby and feeds are so much easier, ”

Sophie W

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